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Bioethanol is the name given to ethanol of biological origin (also called Bioalcohol), which is obtained from agricultural products such as potatoes, beetroot, sugar cane, sweet corn, barely,… The final product, the Bioethanol, is a refined alcohol with a high degree of purification.

The Bioethanol combustion system is very easily incorporated into the traditional fireplace, so users can enjoy a clean fire in no time at all and without having to depend on fire wood.


When Bioethanol is used as a fuel, it has a high calorific value and what is the most important, 100% of the calories produced stay inside the room where the burner is located.

Bioethanol is a renewable energy source, because when it is burned, it emits the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as what is absorbed in the life of the plant where it is obtained.

So, the CO2 balance is neutral.

  1. Bioethanol, 100 % natural product, they are Ecological!
  2. They do not smell, they don’t produce any smoke, or ash when they are burning, they are Clean!
  3. No installation work is needed, they are easy to use!
  4. They can be used inside and outside, they are Transportable!
  5. Double function: heating function (the majority of the models) or just as decoration, they look Lovely!
  6. No maintenance work or services are needed, just fill the tank with fuel, they are very Safe!
  7. Built with fireproof materials that can withstand high temperatures. Mainly stainless steel, very safe toughened glass, stone and/or ceramics (they do not have to be replaced, repaired or touched up regularly), they are Long-lasting!
  8. There are lots of models and sizes to completely satisfy your needs, no building work is required!

Above all it depends on the size of the burner and fuel flow. Normally, in the majority of cases, a litre of biofuel lasts for between 3 and 6 hours, according to how high the flame is and it can produce enough heat to replace a 3000 w radiator. Moreover, in the majority of the BioFireplace models the flame can be adjusted separately from the heating function, which means you can create a nice cosy atmosphere with the flames without having to unnecessarily heat your home (aesthetic, visual function, visual).

The size of the burner depends on the model; they range from 0.5 L to 5 L. The tank should have a minimum capacity of 1.5 L so that the combustion lasts for a reasonable amount of time. The flame intensity, as well as lighting it, and turning it off are adjusted by means of a metal lever that manually opens and closes the burner outlet.

Bioethanol is a highly inflammable product, and therefore it might be dangerous if the basic rules of use for this type of biofuel are not followed. There is hardly any risk of an accident occurring, seeing as unlike a traditional fireplace, no sparks are given off when it is lit and there are no burning logs that could cause a fire.

Both the installation work involved and transferring the bioethanol burner or the BioFireplace from one room to another is very simple. Just unpack it and put it where you want, inside or outside. The safety distance of 50 cm in front, 20 cm on the sides and 60 cm above should be respected, especially in wall heaters and those on the floor.