The Flames Style is a company that has been recently established to make any of the rooms in your home warm and cosy.

At The Flames Style we want to help you get the maximum comfort out of your home and that is why we have provided you with a wide variety of Bioethanol Fireplaces and Burners so that you can chose the one that best suits your needs and they all have an excellent design.

In The Flames Style find • Bioethanol Fireplaces, Burners and Accessories for a stylish atmosphere inside and out.

Choose your model and the size of fireplace and enjoy it in any room at home, for a lovely, unique and cosy atmosphere!

This all comes with the best sales guarantee, with the results of working with the best products imported from Germany.



Hello, I would like to welcome you to the world of bioethanol. We specialize in this marvelous innovative product, so we can help you with any enquiries you might have.

As a specialist in bioethanol I will be delighted to show you around our showroom in our shop in Moraira.

You can also get in touch by sending me a message to our email address or by calling us on   671510257.