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Specialists in Bioethanol Fireplaces

The Flames Style was set up in 2016 in Moraira. It is a family business of burners and bioethanol fireplaces . The founders of the company Rosana and Wolle, who are eager entrepreneurs and visionaries, satisfy the demand of the area with their bio fireplaces new shop in Moraira, to supply customers with all the products related to bioethanol.

The clear vision of our company when it comes to renewable energy means that our catalogue of bioethanol heaters, fireplaces, burners and accessories is a benchmark in the Marina Alta area.

All our bioethanol fireplaces and products undergo very thorough quality control tests during the production process, which is why we are proud to say that we supply our customers with technical, sustainable, innovative and efficient products.


How is Bioethanol produced?

Bioethanol is obtained through the fermentation of sugars that are contained in organic matter from plants based on biological materials such as fermentable sugars and organic waste. In this process


Bioethanol is alcohol obtained from agricultural produce and the fermentation of sugars that exist in plants, such as grains, beetroot, potatoes, sugar cane or biomass. Bioethanol is produced by fermenting

Is bioethanol safe?

Bioethanol gives off hardly any smells or smoke, which means that the pleasure of a fire can be enjoyed at home without having to do any building work or installing